What’s ‘picanha’ in English?

Hello dear students,


I’m always asked this question – “Teacher, what’s ‘picanha’ in English?” – and I always answer that it is a Brazilian meat cut, different from American or any other cuts. However, I received today a very interesting post from TECLA SAP – Dicas de Inglês titled “Vocabulário em inglês: na Churrascaria“. It’s worth taking a look at it, once it teaches vocabulary on meat cuts.

So, do it. Take a look at it!!




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3 responses to “What’s ‘picanha’ in English?

  1. Rosangela

    Acredita que somente hoje eu vi esta postagem? E olha que é antiga hein?! (rs)
    Adorei! Mas duvido que seja útil para “my TEACHER”!!! (rs) Maibe for her husband….

  2. Ricardo Batista

    Picanha em ingles – Top Sirloin

  3. Caio

    Top Sirloin Cap

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