London October 2011

There’s a fairly famous saying in English, for those who want to say that they’re traveling to London, which says “Up to London”. Although there’s a debate about the appropriacy of such an expression, as one living in the North could simply say “Down to London”, for us in Brazil this is really the truth. A twelve-hour, non-stop flight separates us from the capital of England, in the UK, the mythical island where once was the home-land of King Arthur and Jane Austen.

“Up to London”!!

Here we go, Luna and I, to an adventure which might prove to be coming directly from a novel four-handed written by the ghosts of Arthur Conan-Doyle and Jane Austen. ‘Exactly, my dear Jane Watson’ will be our motto from now own, as we’re under control of spiritual forces beyond our control.

You see, we had to assemble the two authors in one as they surely complete each-other. Holmes is the reason behind the man, deduction and science above all, even above the human factor. While Jane Austen’s character Elizabeth Bennet is the intellectuality through the sensibility, where human factor is its core, its main point. “Reason and Sensibility” through the magnifying lens of Holmes.

As I always say my dear students, English is not the end but the means for something else, something higher. And this trip to London might be the proof that sense and sensibility walk not side by side, but completely blended in the eyes of the beholder (or beholders in our case).

“Up to london” – is our invitation to all of you.

Let’s travel together. We invite you all to follow us through this blog and see London and England through our eyes, Luna’s and mine. We sincerely hope you all learn and enjoy our picture of this magnificent culture.

Counting down: 18 days to the trip.



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