Oxford Street – directions

October, 27th 2011

Oxford Street – the most crowded street in London. I could heard just about all kinds of languages here, such as Italian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, etc etc.., but English!!! It’s amazing. It’s exactly what Luna said, that we could only remember that we were in London because of the Routmasters (the red buses) and the taxis.

Our flat is kind of far from here. We’re staying in Highgate and we have to take the tube or the bus to go to the city center (as they say here). Directions around here are similar to the american style – they go North, South, East or West. But also, our good friends turn left, turn fight, take the northbound train line work here, of course. However, the real problem is to have time to think about those directions while facing this – take a look:

Now, imagine yourselves having to ask for directions in this mess!!! Are you prepared for those quick words coming out of the mouth of the London citizens? How about practicing this language in British English?

We’ve selected you guys an online lesson for pre and intermediate levels on

HOW TO… ask for and give directions at BBC Learning English.com

I hope to have everybody doing it – it’s HOMEWORK!!!

Regards from London,



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