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CNN: Are your meetings train wrecks?

Dear students,

While I was surfing, I came across to a very interesting article on how and why meetings can go off the rails . I think it’s worth to pore over it, as you’ll find handy tips on how to get meetings back on track successfully. At the end of the article, I’ve added a glossary on some of the terms you might not be used to.

You’ll find it here: Meetings train wrecks_CNN

Or here, at it’s original site (without glossary):

Recommended reading guys!!



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Socializing: Striking Up a Conversation

It’s about that time of the year when networking diners, drinks, and here in Rio Claro, ‘barbecues’ start happening. Thinking about that, have you thought on how to introduce yourself to that foreign guy that is sitting just next to you? I know, I know… Your throat dries out, your mind goes blank, your tong swells up (and it’s not because of the drinking!). But, you know what? Chill out!! Take your courage in both hands (along with some more beer) and spit it out: “Hello, I’m João da Silva. Nice to meet you.” It’s easy!! You can do it!! No?!? Ok, I’ll help you out – as usual (because I’m a really nice person and, of course, I want to go to Heaven when I die.)

You’re going to find a very interesting PODCAST about ‘striking up a conversation’ on the ‘businessenglishpod‘ webpage below. It’s a whole lesson on introducing yourself and starting off a conversation. Check it out at:

And, as you’re going to practice this ‘introducing yourself language’ at that barbecue I know you’ve already scheduled, you can listen to it while having a nice beer, OK? To get in the mood, you know. By the way, can I have some beer? No?!? Oh, come on!!

Silvia A. Della Rina

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 Hello Students from Business Intermediate and above!!

Let’s learn a little bit about “Business Introduction Sequence“. These tips are really valuable!

Check out this video from “The woman in the red sweater”:

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Dinner Etiquette & Proper Table Manners: Video Series

Dear Business Students,

I believe that one of the most important things when it comes to Business is our behavior and manners.

Imagine this situation: You have an important business lunch with a hugely important prospective client. You arrive at the chosen restaurant on time and have a relaxing and successful small talk over some drinks at the bar. “OK, so far so good!” you think. Then, the headwaiter invites you all to the booked table, and there it is: hundreds of forks and knives, glasses of different shapes and sizes, a scary weird-folded napkin on a plate that is over another plate, that is next to a smaller plate (as a matter of fact there are lots of plates!!) Oh my…What to do? 

First of all: Don’t panic!!

Second: prepare yourself in advance watching the series of videos below that I, your beloved teacher, have found for you!!

Enjoy and learn (and after that, you can pay me a nice dinner in a very expensive restaurant to demonstrate your new dinner etiquette skills!! – isn’t it a good idea?)

Teacher Silvia

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