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Tongue Twisters

This is SO fun!! Let’s try some tongue twisters and improve both our fluency and pronunciation:

Tongue Twisters

“Listening to tongue twisters is one way to improve your English pronunciation. It’s very difficult to say tongue twisters in English so don’t worry if you can’t do it very well at first, just have fun!” – British Council



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Likes and Dislikes

Can you say what you like and dislike in English? And how fast can you do it?

Let’s check it at….

Likes and dislikes

Have fun!!


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What are they like? – Personality

What are your friends like? Can you match the words for different kinds of personality and the descriptions?

Nice study.


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What do they look like?

Describing people – Can you guess the person?

Let’s practice!


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Bonfire Night


Today is holiday!! On 5 November every year, it iscelebrated Bonfire Night (or Guy Fawkes’ Night). 
People all around England lit bonfires    and enjoy fireworks displays.
On top of the fire is a “guy” (like a scarecrow ).

They do these things because they’re remembering when the King of England, James l, and the Houses of Parliament were nearly blown up   with gunpowder .

Let’s learn more about this vocabulary. Lessons on:

Let’s party!!


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Garden Flat – How many doors are there?

Hello students,

Here we are in London. That’s the house we’re staying:


Garden Flat

Now, can you describe it? Are there any windows? If yes, how many windows are there? Are there any doors? How many floors are there? How about the colors? What’s the color of the door? Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now, let’s take a look at our bedroom:

Our bedroom

Ok, now describe it: “There is a window, ….” What’s in front of the chair? What’s on the wall? What’s behind the bed? What’s under the TV?

We also have got a garden in our backyard, take a look:

The backyard

Our bedroom window opens to it. Isn’t it beautiful?

Post your answers on the comments section of this post.

See ya.

Silvia and Luna

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Past Simple – Exercises

Let’s go practice:

Past Tense – regular verbs

Oxford – Past Simple 1

Oxford – Past Simple 2

Oxford – Past Simple 3

Yes / No Questions – Simple Past Tense

Simple Past – questions

Perfect English – Simple Past – questions

Perfect English – Wh- questions

Perfect English – Mixed Exercise 1

Perfect English – Mixed Exercise 2

Perfect English – Irregular

Past Simple – Negative

Past Simple – Crosswords

Simple Past – text

Simple Past Tense – exercises



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